Joe Pitts is our choice! 

As former mayors of Montgomery County and Clarksville, we know how important it is to work together in order to provide the best quality of life for our citizens.  Having served together several years, cooperation was always a priority for us.  During that time we both had the pleasure, and good fortune, of working with Joe Pitts on several issues.  We could always depend on Joe to listen, ask the right questions,  and work with everyone to get results benefiting our community.  Joe’s willing cooperative spirit, integrity, and caring personality are what Clarksville needs in its leader.  This is why we, along with many others, endorse and support Joe Pitts for Mayor of Clarksville.

Pictured above: Doug Weiland – Joe Pitts – Don Trotter

Pictured above: Doug Weiland – Joe Pitts – Don Trotter

Paid For By “Pitts For Clarksville Mayor”, James A. Halford, Jr. Treasurer

Paid For By “Pitts For Clarksville Mayor”, James A. Halford, Jr. Treasurer


I am a native of Clarksville, and a product of the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System.  I graduated from Northwest High School in 1976, and earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Austin Peay State University in 1980. I am married to Minister Cynthia Haley Pitts, and we have five sons, four daughters-in-law, and nine beautiful grandchildren.

From an early age, I knew I was called to serve others.  My mother, Alice Pitts, fondly recalls as a young child, me waiting on my maternal grandmother, Eva Marshall, who was debilitated with rheumatoid arthritis.  I would wait on her, bring her needed medications, and her “snuff can.”  From that experience until now, I have remained in service to others.

I served as Chief of Staff in Mayor Don Trotter’s administration until I accepted a position as Vice President of Planters Bank in Clarksville in 2005.  In 2006 I was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives where I have served the people of House District 67, which is a significant portion of Clarksville-Montgomery County, for the past twelve years. During those twelve years, I have served our community, our state, and the bank simultaneously. 

My experience, managerial capability, and creative capacity is broader and more in depth than it might appear. In a career spanning more than thirty years I am biased toward action and opposed to apathy. I have served multi-tiered organizations at nearly every level in both the for-profit and non-profit corporate community.  I have been an analyst, technical advisor, team leader, group facilitator, mid-level manager, corporate senior executive, executive coach, executive director, president, CEO and corporate director/board member.  Every time I left, the organization or entity was better than it was prior to my time of service.  Always, I supported and nurtured people.  Steadfastly, I maintained my values and my personal and professional integrity.

I have a genuine, heartfelt passion for education and helping veterans and their families.  I have sponsored legislation during my time in the legislature to help small business owners, veterans and military families, public officials, and other supported measures to improve the quality of life for his state and community.  Beyond sponsoring legislation, Joe follows through.  He is both diligent and tenacious in serving the interests of his constituents.

“The things I hold dear are my faith in God, which teaches me respect and compassion for others,” says Pitts.  “I also believe someone is only as good as their word, so integrity, honesty and ethics are at the center of my daily life.”

“My other values are to remain true to myself, never forget where I came from, remember that everyone, regardless of place or position, is important, be genuine in my care and concern for others, remain humble even when being given recognition for a job well done.  I also believe diversity of culture, ethnicity, race, gender, as well as ideas, thoughts and opinions make us stronger.” 

“Leadership is about seeking input, casting a vision and communicating to those influenced by the decisions that are made.   It is also about relationships.  I will make it a priority to build and rebuild relationships with members of the City Council, our County government and stakeholders like APSU and Fort Campbell to ensure a strong, unified community moving forward.”

My name is Joe Pitts, and I want to be your next mayor of the city of Clarksville.


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