What does One City mean?

It is about people of different perspectives, different opinions, or different faiths, from different states or countries living together in this special place called Clarksville…our home.


It is about uniting around a vision that allows for disagreement and while disagreeing is okay, at the end of the day we are united and move forward…together.

It is about neighbors helping neighbors, especially when our soldiers are deployed, or some other need arises…we meet those  challenges…together.


It is not about consolidated government.  By the way, we do not support the proposed charter as written.

One City means we rise up to meet every challenge…together.

One City…Our City…Clarksville!


Paid For By “Pitts For Clarksville Mayor”, James A. Halford, Jr.  Treasurer

Our Vision…

An efficient City that provides, transparent, first class customer service to our residents.

A collaborative City that partners with institutions like Austin Peay State University and Fort Campbell to promote and enhance our security and quality of life.

A forward-looking City with a comprehensive view of regional opportunities for economic growth, because looking only south toward Nashville is not sufficiently broad to reach our goals.

A dynamic City that values the economic investment of both large and small business and purposefully builds the capacity of both.

An inclusive City government that projects strength through diversity of thought and innovative ideas and maintains respectful dialog.

A supportive City that is committed to providing a professional work environment for our employees in which they are actively engaged and can truly excel.

A secure City with safe neighborhoods for all of our residents.

A proud City whose rich history of more than 230 years makes us the Queen City of the Cumberland.

Our CityOne City.