Your Issues. Our Priorities.

Leading our city is not just a title or office.  It is about listening to the concerns of our citizens and creating a lasting change in meeting the needs of our community.  We have spent countless hours talking with folks, and more importantly listening to your concerns.  From those opportunities to hear concerns, hopes and dreams for our city, we have heard your issues, and created our priorities.

Traffic, traffic, traffic.

This is the number one concern as we listened to people all across our wonderful city.  More and better linkages between our major state highways that cut across our city.  We should not have to cut through Reynolds Street and Porters Bluff to get from Madison Street to College Street.  We should have better access from Tiny Town Road to Wilma Rudolph Blvd without having to travel the entire length of either highway to get to where we are going.  We need to get Clarksville moving.

Smart community investment. Neighborhood by neighborhood.

Let’s look at each neighborhood in our city, and ask the residents their interests and priorities.  No more top down decisions.  Often the best fix to a challenge is a common sense solution.  Speeding traffic, absentee landlords, the lack of access to a quality nearby parks or other recreation outlets, and crime are challenges plaguing our neighborhoods.   We also have some great opportunities to improve the quality of life in our historic downtown simply by applying a sharper focus on the legacy neighborhoods that surround it (New Providence, Red River – Brandon Hills, Dog Hill, and Greenwood, for example). 

An emphasis on supporting and nurturing locally owned, small business.

Our ability to recruit large companies is proven but it is the small businesses in our community that drive our growth.  We have such a robust entrepreneurial spirit in our community and it needs to be nurtured and emphasized.  Our regulatory, tax and fee burden is often too great and it creates barriers to a thriving small business environment.  What may work in the suburbs of Wilma Rudolph Blvd, or the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Parkway, doesn’t necessarily translate into success for other areas of our community.  Another reason to emphasize our locally owned businesses is to enable them to grow and create a regional presence by maintaining their “headquarters” in our community.  We’ve talked about the lack of corporate or regional company headquarters in our community but we need to look no further than some of the great success stories we already have here.


Let’s build and rebuild relationships that make our city government work better.  Starting at home with our City Council, I believe each member of the Council deserves a seat at the table especially when decisions will specifically affect their Ward.  We will also work with our County government in a mutually respectful, collaborative way when it is best.  After all, we are all residents of Montgomery County, and the lines of communication should remain open and engaging.  I will make both a priority.

Training, tools and recognition for our City workforce.

Our city employees work hard every day to keep our water clean, the streets safe, the parks open, our neighborhoods free from debris.  We need to take care of them by providing them with the tools and training they need to do their jobs.  These hardworking folks are also on the front lines of customer service and when one of them goes the extra mile to provide outstanding service, we should, and will, recognize their efforts.  That takes focus, and training.  We will establish a high standard, starting with the Mayor’s office to create a culture of customer service.  If you make a call for assistance you will promptly get a return call.  Send an email or file a service request ?  We will acknowledge it and get back to you with a detailed response and/or an estimate when the service request will be addressed.  It is pretty simple.

Transparency and honesty.

Both words are overused by public servants, and often fall short of the mark.  You need to know what is going on in your city government from the way we spend your money to telling the truth about services and the city’s overall direction.  Both will be a hallmark in our office and throughout our administration.  We will also remain visible, approachable, and available to you while in service to you.